New Edition of Road Maps

The new 2016 edition Road Maps are for sale in all bookstores, most tourist information centres and fillingstations.
Some unique features of the map are explanation of Icleandic place names – night & daylight scheme – list of volcanic eruptions from the year 1700 – 2014 – photos and information for 34 tourist atractions around the country in addition to important tourist information such as accommodation – camping sites – museums – filling stations – swimming pools – natural baths – boat tours etc.
Map with App is available in three languages, English, German and Icelandic. To the right on this page you can see the functions of the App.
In the Iceland Road Guide App you will find more than 3000 places and thousands of services around the country, places with information and pictures, map browser and much much more.
Iceland Road Guide Map is now available in six languages, English, German and French with yellow cover and Spanish, Chinese and Icelandic with blue cover.
Map with App – a splendid travel companion in Iceland.